Support during reablement programme

We have experienced competent care workers available who can help clients who are undergoing a reablement programme.
A reablement programme is usually put in place by a local authority or other health organisation to assist individuals who may have experienced one of the following:

  • Recovering from a period of illness
  • Have a temporary disability
  • Recovering from surgery or other form of acute treatment

There is a short term support of up to 8 weeks, and the aim is to increase independence and overcome practical and emotional difficulties and help to build confidence. It is also designed to help individual and their loved ones regain their skills and confidence.

Our care workers will often work under the direction of the Doctor as they assist the client and encourage, often with the aid of equipment prescribed by the doctor. The goal is to enhance the client’s independence and confidence by assist them to relearn essential tasks, instead of the care worker merely doing the tasks for them. The care worker is there to give all the support and assistance but will not take over.

View our CQC report Here.